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In this second letter to the Corinthian church Paul shares many areas they should take comfort in, the collection he is coming to receive and his calling as an apostle. Our study with Pastor Matthew digs into these important truths and how they impact our lives today. Click below for the  recorded teaching.

As the church was blossoming from meeting in homes in Jerusalem to reaching all the ends of the known world, a young church began seeing division, uncertainty of Christian practice, and questions of morality developing from immature believers. Through the practical address of these issues, Pastor Matthew teaches the Jesus-inspired words that the Apostle Paul penned for the Church in Corinth dealing with these growing pains. Click below for the  recorded teaching.

With the ascension of Christ following His miraculous resurrection; the disciples are now the primary tools that God uses in the spreading of the Gospel. Our study with Pastor Matthew will analyze who these men were, the start of the Christian church, and how Jesus Christ is the greatest message the world needed to hear then as well as now. Click below for the recorded teachings.

The richness of Luke’s portrayal of Jesus has profound implications for our relationship with God today. Jesus walks through Luke’s gospel illustrating His deep and abiding care for people, regardless of what they have done or their status in society. Pastor Matthew breaks down the Book of Luke, and gives in-depth verse by verse teaching. Click below for the recorded teachings. 

Over the course of time, we will have topical teachings, and guest speakers. If you missed a week, or just loved the teaching, you can click here to listen to the recorded teachings!

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